Soul Eyes

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Extremely dangerous and deadly. You should stay away from it as far as possible. Or you can use its powers in your favor. If awakened, it can instantly kill, at any moment, all living creatures around it. For every killed creature, there is a chance that a random item will be spawned on the ground. The dangerous area is shrouded in black smoke.


This thing has three states. If it is left in darkness, it begins to awaken. The awakening process has three stages, progressing over time.


If light shines on it, Soul Eyes sleeps. At this stage all its eyes are closed, and it is completely harmless, so you can safely walk around.



After it stayed in the dark for some time, it begins to awaken. Its eyes are partly open, and this means that you should move away as soon as possible. This is not dangerous yet, but it may wake up at any moment.



Fully awake Soul Eyes should only be observed from far away. All of its eyes are wide open, and dark smoke appears around it. At this stage, at any moment, it may kill all living creatures that are close enough. After the death of any creature, a random item may spawn.



If you want to craft it, then you need to get the following items and arrange them according to the picture below.