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Are you bored of zombies and skeletons? Do you want something new, something scary? If so, this mod will make scared. New unique monsters, terrible and dangerous creatures. Use the new fortification blocks to defend yourself against them. If you possess the knowledge about these creatures, you can use new items for your benefit.

Screen Shots

ModScreen 01.png ModScreen 02.png ModScreen 03.png

ModScreen 04.png ModScreen 05.png ModScreen 06.png



List of mod content


  1. Mutant Steve
  2. Unborn Baby
  3. Climber
  4. Entrail
  5. Freezer
  6. Fallen Leader
  7. Bloody Maiden
  8. Zombie Chicken
  9. Present
  10. Stranger
  11. Possesed Cow
  12. Topielec


  1. Reinforcement Bar
  2. Baby Eye
  3. Entrail Flesh
  4. Lucky Egg
  5. Poopoo Pill
  6. Wideman Spine
  7. Woman Heart
  8. Dagon
  9. Harpoon


  1. Christmas Tree
  2. Present Box
  3. Concrete
  4. Iron Fence
  5. Iron Fence Pole
  6. Soul Eyes
  7. Strengthened Cobblestone
  8. Strengthened Stone
  9. Barbed Wire
  10. Dump


special thanks

Dominik Zieliński, Artur Ganszyniec

sounds authors

Rudmer_Rotteveel, mich3d, NoiseCollector, Corsica_S, Ephemeral_Rift, reinsamba, sebastianlund, eguaus, kleine_blume, GabrielaUPF, Supercolio, AderuMoro, silversatyr, apolloaiello, timtube