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A very hard block with explosion resistance level of obsidian, but only after it hardens. Warning! Until the block hardens, it is very fragile and falls apart if touched by any entity (cow, zombie or player). It cannot be picked up when destroyed, even after it hardened. Until it hardens, it behaves like sand, so it falls down and is destroyed. To prevent this it must be placed on a solid surface, such as a formwork. After it hardens, the formwork can be removed, as hard concrete blocks do not fall. It takes some time (about a few minutes) for concrete to harden. Concrete has 16 color variations.

Cons Pros
Fragile before hardens Cheap
Can't be picked up But have 16 colors!
Hard as obsidian

Crafting Recepies






If you want to change the color, just that surround the dye by a fresh concrete.


Dye Concrete Color
Rose Red Red
Orange Dye Orange
Dandelion Yellow Yellow
Cactus Green Green
Lapis Lazuli Blue
Light Blue Dye Azure
Magenta Dye Magenta
Pink Dye Pink
Bone Meal White
Light Gray Dye Silver
Ink Sac Black
Cocoa Beans Brown
Cyan Dye Cyan
Purple Dye Purple
Gray Dye Gray
Lime Dye Lime